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About Us

Globalplano Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária lda is a real estate agency with offices in Praia da Rocha, Alvor, Albufeira and Portimão. The Company was started on 5.3.1999 and is registered under the Licence Number 3156 - AMI, APEMIP - 1145.

With Globalplano, you have a competent and imparcial partner with a vast range of properties - offers and what you are looking for - your wishes and dreams can come true. We have excellent apartments, villas and plots of land, in relation to what you have to spend.

Our prices are calculated after the property has been well assessed and meetings with the owner we put to sale.

This is why all properties or plots of land proposed by globalplano will be sold quickly. The Globalplano Team accompany you from our first meeting until the close of the business. If you want to sell or looking for something - with Globalplano you are in good hands.


282 411 955 / 919 523 133
Av.Tomás Cabreira, Ed. Oceano Azul, Loja 5 8500-802 Praia da Rocha